NLP Training Courses

NLP training is an approach to a better communication, personal development and psychotherapy, created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. They are claiming a link between neurological processes (« neuro »), language (« linguistics ») and patterns of behaviour, learned by experience (« programming »).

NLP training helps us to understand our inner operations and our internal processes. It also provides the keys to understanding how others view the world around them. Thus, NLP can be described more broadly, as models of excellence. These principles form the basis of our NLP training.

Certification IN

The mission of IN is to define a code of ethics and to formulate standards of accreditation for the NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Teacher Certified Trainings. IN is an Association of training institutes experiencing in NLP, with highly qualified members from all over the world: Oceania, China, Middle East, Europe, USA, Latin America. The Member Institutes have successfully completed at least, the required 7 standards of high quality NLP training.

List of our « NLP Training » :

NLP Intensive

NLP Intensive

Getting started with NLP. This course will ensure you to acquire concrete tools to improve your communication skills. It will also allow you to experiment some powerful models, and to discover how to use your own resources.

NLP Master Practitioner

NLP Master Practitioner (Certified IN)

You learn how to refine your own style of intervention in a systemic understanding of a NLP approach. You will be able to develop rapid and elegant intervention processes, adapted to a person, by creating your own modes of intervention.

NLP Trainer (IN certified)

NLP Trainer (Certified IN)

This French NLP training is the link between the American NLP and the European NLP. Through this training, we offer you the possibility to become a certified NLP teacher, specialized trainer and participate in a French NLP team work.

List of our « Specialization NLP » :

NLP performance for young adults 17-22 year-old

NLP-Hypnosis performance for young adults 16-20 year-old

From the age of 15 you are naturally led to make choices of existence, you are somehow constrained to develop strategies and decide directions that will have a great impact on your future life. How can such decisions be more in line with what you really and intimately want?

Quitting Smoking and Weight Loss Training

A theoretical course material will be provided to you. The course alternates with practical and theoretical exercises. Supervision is established upon the totality of the training ‘Quit Smoking and Weight loss.

DNR Deep Neural Repatterning

DNR : Deep Neural Repatterning

Why Deep Neural Repatterning? Scientific discoveries have already proved that the body and the mind were linked, and were part of the same cybernetic. Within the evolution of research, it was found that neuronal exchanges were not limited to a few correspondences.